1920’s and before

Associated Women Students of the University of California


In the procession of events coming down through the years since 1899 when the Association of Women Students was first formed the proceedings of 1922 will perhaps represent no phenomenal achievement. In time to come, this year may not be known for its great advancement, yet as its record is placed with that of other years, we confidently feel that the movement of this year, however slight, will be recorded as steadily forward.

Those traditions dear to California women have not become less dear; the usual tasks have not gone undone; new duties have not been unwelcome; and new opportunities have no been shunned.

As hostess to all western university women convened here in November the women of the University extended themselves in welcoming the visitors. As debators of intercollegiate rank they have proved their skill. As sportswomen on the athletic field they have demonstrated their prowess.

However 1922 completes their history as an Association of Women Students. After twenty-three years of service for California through this separate organization we have caught the vision of a stronger unity and have gladly merged our organization into that of a greater A.S.U.C. We look confidently forward, hoping that this new unity may mean new strength, new fellowship and good will.