About This Project

changespeakingWhat is this site?

This is a compilation of decades of articles describing systemic deliberate indifference to sexual violence and harassment at UC Berkeley. Most of these articles are from Berkeley’s student newspaper, the Daily Californian.

Many thanks to Jo Wu for the hours she spent writing out the text for many of these articles.

If I don’t want to read these, what do I do?

Check out this video for an overview of the project.

Where do I start reading?

1. Status of Berkeley’s Title IX Compliance (1983)

2. Publicity of sex charges disturb Vice Chancellor (1979)

3. Handling of Harassment Hearing Draws Complaints (2011)

4. Advisors concerned by charges of frat violence (1985)

5. Really Getting Screwed – Attack, Rape, and Other Related Subjects

Who can I contact about this project?